Ten Paces {Open} 

Well, today had to probably be the shittiest day ever, and it was only half over. Collin had lost everyone he held dear. No one liked him. Not even Charlie, who had been avoiding him since last night. He was sure someone told him something to make him act that way. Becca…maybe even Elijah. Regardless, Collin didn’t have anymore friends, and he was even more alone than when he got on that goddamn bus. He was currently rolling out a rather large snowball, the second of two. He needed to let out some frustration, and what better way to do that than target practice. He stacked the snowball on top of the other and pushed it into place. He used a couple of marshmallows and popcorn to make the face, which turn out to be a comical and intense scowl.

Collin stepped back to appreciate his work and pulled out a brand new box of cigarettes. He stuck one between his teeth and lit it with his lighter, takig a big puff and exhaling. He looked down on the snowman with distaste. He spread his legs out and whipped out the nerf gun he took from Charlie’s room. He aimed it at the snowman and spat in the best cowboy accent he could muster, “This bus a’int big enough for the two of us.” Then he unloaded into the snowman.

Most of the darts went through the snowman and demolished it. The others lay useless in the snow. He huffed. “I warned you.” He took another puff of the cigarette before squatting down in the snow and examining the last dart in the gun. He turned it on his forehead and fired. The dart smacked right into the wound he forgot he had and bounced off to the floor. “OW! FUCK! …OW!” he shouted, pressing his palm to the impact point. That hurt a lot more than he thought it would.

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